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Magenta Split Side Maxi Dress

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Black Halter neck Playsuit

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Check Grid Plunge Playsuit

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Lace Hem Midi Black Dress

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Maroon Lace Midi Bodycon Dress

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Collar Yellow Floral Shift Dress

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Daisy Print Pencil Dress

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Embellished Neck Red Shift Dress

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Collar Daisy Print Playsuit

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Three ‘Cheers’ for those Curves

Part One: Enhancing with fashion

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Miss Piggy. What can I say about this fabulous, vivacious character from ‘The Muppets’? She’s bold, confident and through hard work and perseverance, took on Hollywood establishing herself amongst the greats and becoming a household name around the world. She has several successful books under her belt and has recently been presented with the Sackler Centre First Award; an accolade given to women who have broken and charted changes in all disciplines and areas. What I truly like about her is that she has never been embarrassed about her body size. She has always exuberated charm and femininity in everything that she has worn. Stylish and elegant throughout, she was never been afraid of showing off those curves, that voluptuous and full figured body of hers and like her, you can do this too!

Women’s body have changed tremendously over time and as such, the ‘Ideal Body Shape’ has followed suit. From the slender Egyptian, to the full figured Italian, the Roaring Twenties bob cut hair and loose fitting clothes to the hour glass figure of the Hollywood stars. The Swinging Sixties models with their slender body frames to the Eighties Supermodels and their tall, leggy physique accompanied with that ample cleavage. Recently we encountered the androgynous wasted look; the airbrushed tanned and worked out bodies look to the now talk of the town Booty look.

Thus as you can see, what was/is considered to be the ‘Ideal body shape’ is subjective and only ‘Ideal’ for a brief period of time which brings to mind a remark Sheldon’s mum on the ‘Big Bang Theory’ made about bacon fat, Oh, doctors are always changing their mind. One week bacon grease is bad for you. The next week we’re not getting enough of it.’ (No offence intended Miss Piggy!)

So how short, how tall, how slim or how wide you are, love yourself and love your shape! There are plenty of good fashionable tips for you to use in helping you to achieve the appearance you want! So where do we start? Firstly ask yourself, ‘What body shape do I have?’ The answer to this will open up an entire world of fashionable items most suited for your shape in accentuating those curves you have or giving the illusion of those curves you don’t. Here are just a few ideas.

Do you have the hourglass figure? Wrap dresses and tops are excellent to wear for this shape. Experiment with colours and prints, try on those different styles of clothing in deciding whether you want to flaunt those curves or downplay them.

The Triangle or pear shaped body? Emphasize those shoulders! Choose tops that give volume and shows off your neckline while wearing articles of clothing that minimise your lower half. Play around with vibrant colours and patterns for your tops and combine them with dark and solid coloured skirts or trousers.

The oval or apple shape? Ladies get that waist of yours to look slimmer by wearing tops that nip in right below your bust. Wear those low V neck tops and dresses, coats and jackets that have structured shoulders. Add volume to your lower body with Boot cut or flared trousers. Get those wide belts out and find where it will look best on you!

The Inverted triangle shape? Balance that body shape of yours by getting clothes that add curves to your hip line such as cargo pants and full skirts. Define that waist and wear those tops that flare out from your waist or hip line. Choose dark and solid colours for your tops and various coloured or patterned items for your lower body.

Last but not least, no matter what body shape you have, treat yourself to an array of fashion accessories from jewellery to scarves just to name a few.

For every body shape, it’s all about creating that illusion of balance and on showing off those curves or not. That is what fashion is all about! In the end, it is entirely up to you on what you want to wear. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your body shape and confident in what you wear. So get out there ladies, get those cheers and show the world that yes, this is me, I love my style of fashion and I love my body!

Stay True



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