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Magenta Split Side Maxi Dress

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High Neck White Dress

High Neck White Dress -> Totally Jlo style

Studded Collar Off White Blouse

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Collar Yellow Floral Shift Dress

Collar Yellow Floral Shift Dress -> Taylor Swift Style!


Daisy Print Pencil Dress

Daisy Print Pencil Dress -> Pin-Up Style!


Embellished Neck Red Shift Dress

Embellished Neck Red Shift Dress -> So Heidy Klum!


Collar Daisy Print Playsuit

Collar Daisy Print Playsuit -> Perfect for Coachella!



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Celebrating ‘Summer’ in Style and Safety

Ah the glorious summers days are back!

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The joy and enthusiasm of swinging those wardrobe doors fully open, the uncontrollable racing of your heart as you rummage through those dresser drawers and the huge sigh of bliss and contentment as you finally whip out and resuscitate your summer apparel will leave you wanting to race out of the door in your light and breezy gear and do your own rendition of Julie Andrew’s, ‘Sound of Music’…or maybe not!

Now we all want to make the most of the fine weather ahead whether it’s simply relaxing in the garden and having a barbeque, attending a musical concert, watching or participating in a sporting event or even lazing on a tropical beach. What we must not forget as we frolic and dance about relishing in the warmth of the sun are those pesky UV rays. So first and foremost, we need to look after ourselves and get into that all important routine if we’re to fully enjoy the long days ahead of us.

The question of ‘to sun or not to sun’ will be pondered about hourly and daily by some but for the many others, the shops (either in town or online) will be the first port of call in buying the usual and essentials products for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


These will include items such as:


  1. Sunscreen: Always select the one that will give your skin type the full protection it needs and check to make sure that the brand you choose is delivering its promises of protection as test have shown that certain brands have failed. A flaming scarlet body and face cringing in pain followed by your peeling skin may make you appear like an insect shedding its exoskeleton! EW!
  2. Hats: Whether it is outrageous and flamboyant or stylish and chic, it needs to cover the top of your head as well as your face, neck and shoulders. Also helps if you want to brush off any unwanted glances or advances!
  3. Sunglasses: The bigger the better in preventing damage to your eyesight. To look like ‘The Terminator’, Audrey Hepburn or an alien, it’s all up to you.
  4. Lip Balm: Sun protect those luscious smackers as well. The skin on your lips are extremely thin and have very little melanin (the pigment that screens out UV rays) and as I have found out, there are plenty of flavours to choose from and if your lover doesn’t have any on…go for it ladies (or gents), pucker up and plant a nice juicy kiss on those bare lips!


For those who thought other products didn’t exist in providing protection, here are just a few:


  1. UV sun umbrellas…yes, they do exist in all forms of colours, shapes and sizes and for men, fear not as you can even get a tailored one made…one that would suit your personality and manliness!
  2. What about shopping for UV protective clothing? Have a look as there are well known brands offering many styles (practical and sexy) in a rainbow of colours!


Now this list could go on and on and on and could leave you baffled and bewildered as to what you should do? Should I…


A: Resemble someone out of the Victorian era.

B: Reveal every square inch of skin that I can (or am allowed too…best find a nudist beach for this one) and be body bronze beautiful like Raquel Welch in ‘One Million Years BC.’


C: Simply just be sensible.


I know what I would choose.


Enjoy the summer days ahead, seek some shade if you need to and lastly, for you men, have no fear of feeling embarrassed for what could be perceived as womanly items or a feminine routine for having seen those sportsmen in Cricket and Surfing slapping on the sunscreen leaves me with a wicked grin and a wild imagination as to their confidence and their masculinity.


Stay True!



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