1 December: World AIDS Day



UNAIDS reports that reaching Fast-Track Targets will avert nearly 28 million new HIV infections and end the AIDS epidemic as a global health threat by 2030


HIV and AIDS remain one of the most significant public health issues globally today just as they were before. This is why December 1st has been marked as a day to remind all of us of this epidemic that has killed so many, as well as to unite efforts across the world to help end it.

But there is hope, according to UNAIDS (The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS), the HIV and AIDS global health threat could end by 2030. This is a breakthrough that should be celebrated and it is very important that we all understand that education about this disease is the best way to prevent it.

There is still a lot of ignorance about HIV, its effects  and how it is transmitted as well as discrimination to those who are HIV positive. A lot of countries still have a very high infected population and there can be little to no access to medicines and treatment. UNAIDS leads and inspires the world to achieve its shared vision of zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths that is worth joining.



Just remember, together we can end AIDS!





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