Happy Valentine\’s Day!

Happy Valentine\’s Day!

Here is a special message from Oscar Wilde: “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”.


Oscar Wilde is a renowned British author who has summarized in this simple quote a concept that may take many of us a lifetime to learn. We are taught to give to others, but very seldom do we really learn to give back to \”us\” since this is a concept that can be misinterpreted in many ways.

Love starts with ourselves. Sometimes, daily activities, work, family, time famine and other factors create a constant battle to get everything done just so that we can cope with what \”we need to do\”.  And due to this, many times, the first person who gets neglected is ourselves. 

Just as important as it is to dedicate time to all activities in our life, it is also important to give the same value and priority to yourself – after all, you have to live with yourself your whole life. An just as you are responsible for many other things, you are also responsible for your own care and well-being. By being our best, we can provide more for those around us and put that into our daily tasks. 


It may seem like an impossible task at first with our busy schedule, but making \”you\” your number one priority will allow you to get everything else done as you will feel better about your own self and this will project positively in all other aspects of your life.

This change can happen gradually, take just 5 minutes everyday whenever it is most convenient for you to relax, take a break or do whatever it is that you want to do for yourself and sooner than later you will start to notice the difference. Make a routine of this, enjoy your 5 minutes and look forward to them. You will notice how your image about yourself starts to change as well as the outlook that you may have on things. 

Also, don\’t forget to share this feeling with others, and when things get tough, remember that you will still have your 5 minutes waiting for you. Please don\’t skip them, specially in very busy situations since these are the times where you will need this break the most. 

We hope that you have a very special weekend ahead of you filled with good things. 



Make Over Body – Wishing you a Very Happy Valentine\’s 2015




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