Did #BritneySpears have #plasticsurgery? What do you think?

On the January/February 2015 cover of Women’s Health, Britney looks, well that is the problem. Do you think that she had plastic surgery done or is this a case of digital manipulation?

There are always rumors surrounding celebrities and they way they look and a common target is Britney Spears. We must admit that she looks hot! and it is not unusual for A-listers to get some help here and there to help them achieve their amazing looks. But just how much help did Britney get in this particular case?

In the magazine cover it is stated that Britney uses exercise to achieve those insane abs. You could hardly tell from her physique that she is a mother. Without a doubt she is looking better than ever. Someone could say that it is all due to exercise, while other may say that body wraps, skin tightening procedures and even a little liposuction could have helped.

From the picture it seems that the star is certainly committed to looking her best and that those days of drama and hair-exorcism are long gone. Her skin is glowing, her smile is perfect and her body looks slim and very well toned.
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Photo: Courtesy of Women’s Health Britney Spears

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